The New Do’


I did it. I cut my hair and I feel like a new woman! Why do we have such an attachment to our hair anyway? I’ve seen people CRY over getting too much of a trim! I mean it grows back. After having a baby I decided I would do what most woman do…Cut off their hair. I cut it shoulder length, but still wasn’t satisfied. It was nice… I could do plenty of things with it (if I took the time) but most usually it ended up in a pony tail for 3 days! If this is something that you do, consider going in for a CHOP! The most freeing thing about this experience is I literally don’t even need to brush my hair and It looks awesome. I even take less time than my hubby to get ready now! I feel effortlessly beautiful, and I have a uniqueness about me that more defines my personality! One day I know that I will want long hair again, but that’s what is so nice about hair…IT GROWS! For now, I love my spunky new style, and plan to keep it for a while!

Okay, I was also divinely inspired by one of my favorite french actresses! Most of us have an idea of what we want to look like when we go in for a haircut or color. (I imagine stylist get so annoyed by this.) LOL! This was my inspiration…


She is so beautiful to me, and effortlessly at that! Zach and I went to France about 2 years ago and I couldn’t help but notice how simply beautiful the french women are! Most of them had such a naturalness about them and it was so attractive. They didn’t wear heavy makeup or have “styled” hair. It was simply, yet so beautiful how they didn’t put in too much effort into themselves. Ever since then I have developed an adoration for french beauty.  My hair cut helps me to feel that effortless beauty, and I am really loving it!





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