A Letter To My Younger Self

I sat in my rocking chair pondering life, and I asked myself, “Would I change some of the decisions I made growing up?” I thought of the typical response. “No, It made me who I am today.” As much as I wish I could say that is true, I can’t get the words out without a little hesitation, and to be honest, I’d be lying to myself if that was my answer. Yes, I do have regrets. I am human, and even though I am at a wonderful place in my life, If I could have spared myself or others from some of my poor decisions, I would have. I might be partial because I am a mother now, but I want to pass on wisdom to my children, and spare them from heartache, or the consequences of stupid decisions. I am writing this letter to the younger version of myself, but sharing it with you, because I hope it will help someone else.


Dear Younger Signe,

You are beautiful. Don’t compare yourself with others. That will only lead to self-hatred, and insecurities. Be confident in how you’re designed. Appreciate your youthfulness because beauty fades. You don’t need a pound of foundation, or booty shorts to be attractive. Natural beauty is the prettiest, and mystery is alluring. Magazines are Photo-shopped, and “skinny” people aren’t always as happy as they appear. Eat healthy, and form good habits from a young age. It becomes a lifestyle when you’re older, so make a habit of it. Please wear sunscreen, a touch of sun on your skin is just as beautiful as golden brown, minus the sun damage. Don’t use box color, your hair will be orange. Sorry. Listen to your MOTHER. She may annoy you sometimes, but she really does have some wisdom. PLEASE, go home on your curfew…Nothing good happens after 11pm. Oh and btw, “All nighters” aren’t worth it. Get your beauty rest, You’ll feel so much better. Don’t drink until you’re 21. You wont be mature enough to handle it, and even if you are, save the calories for chocolate or a cheeseburger. Don’t do drugs. It is a waste of time and money. Save that money for something important because one day you will need it. Giant boobs are not as great as they seem. They sag without a bra, and if you want to run you’ll need to wrap yourself in an ACE bandage so they don’t poke your eyes out. Boys aren’t worth dating in highschool. Focus on your dreams, and goals. Think about the beautiful opportunities in life that await you, and not the thrill of cheap attention. Give your heart to someone who is special, and no, it’s not the guy that winks at you in the hallway. If you do decide to date, only date with the intention of marriage. Girls can be mean, ignore them. If you feed into the rumors, or gossip it will only make things worse. Work hard in school, test yourself, and watch what you’re capable of. PLEASE, put your phone down, and enjoy the moment. No one gives a rip about how many likes your selfi got. Those things fade away, focus on the present. Enjoy each moment. Some of your friends will die by the time you’re 21. Be kind, listen, and love people because they won’t be here forever. Bite your tongue, Some things are better left unsaid. Don’t blame yourself for your parents issues.They’re adults and can figure things out. Most importantly, God is real. He loves you, and wants a relationship with you. It isn’t about what denomination you are or religion. It is as simple as loving God, and loving people. Keep it that way. You are loved Signe, and I want to save you from a bunch of heartache, and poor decisions. Remember these words of wisdom.


The older Signe


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