Our Story

“If it is right, it happens—the main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away.” John Steinbec


I remember going out for sushi one night with some of my closest girlfriends from high school. We wanted to celebrate one last time before we all ventured out into this world to go our separate ways. We caught up on old times, and then began guessing each others futures. (I suppose those closest to you, can know you better than you know yourself.) It was my turn to have my fortune read by all my lovely friends. They kept pegging me as one of the first to get married, and have a baby. In secret, I thought it sounded wonderful but I was the first to shut them down. I was a strong Independent woman, who wanted to build an empire and join the peace corps, then when I reached age 30 I’d start looking for a husband. Besides this was the best way to plan my life, cosmo told me so.

About a month later I ventured out to begin my Journey at Charis Bible College in Colorado Springs. I had a yearning in my heart to pursue Gods plan for my life, and I knew whatever that plan was, It would be the most fulfilling. I walk into class and the first thing to catch my eye. A BOY, can you imagine that? He wasn’t just any young man though, He had skin-tight jorts on (denim shorts) with a 1970s stripped button down shirt, funky colored socks pulled up to his mid calves, and retro glasses. We made brief eye-contact, and found our seats. Super romantic, right?

Bible college, or in other words “bridal college,” It seems like almost everyone who goes to a bible college ends up meeting their spouse, and getting married. I understand why, it’s because you are starting your life out, and wanting to find someone who you are equally yoked with to join you. I however was not going to be a statistic(HA!) I was perfectly happy being single, and I personally think that is when the best relationships take place.  When you aren’t looking for them.

I sat down next to a girl my age, and we started chatting. She was much more extroverted than I was and wanted to introduce me to some of her friends. We begin walking toward this group of guys, and I see the big goober that caught my eye. I got nervous and told her that I didn’t want to meet them. She insisted, so I followed behind her dreading the awkwardness that I was making in my own head. Next thing you know she has us set up to go hiking. I thought GREAT, hiking. I better start working out pronto, or I will be the big dope holding everyone back. I guess you could say I was pretty much thinking of every excuse of why this wasnt going to work out.

Hiking day rolls around. This would be the first time we would talk. How exciting! We are walking in silence, Zach asked me what my favorite music was. I got so nervous, I quickly evaluated his hipster self, and thought of the most hipster music I’d ever listened to, BON IVER! I said, but guys…I pronouncded his name like a southern redneck hillbilly. It came out as BON-IV-ER. (if you don’t know who this Bon Iver guy is, don’t worry…I still don’t) Zach looked slightly confused, then it clicked. He smiled, what song do you like? My mind went blank. I didn’t even know his music, just the fact that he was hipster and Zach was hipster. I smiled while trying to catch my breath, “Pretty much all of it”. I replied bluntly. I’m pretty sure he knew that I had no idea what I was talking about, and obviously I was just trying to impress him. He happened to think it was really cute, and asked me on a coffee date later that week.

Our coffee date is where I fell in Love. I remember sitting at the coffee table rambling on and on about anything I could think of because I didn’t want an awkward silence. Zach sat quietly listening, until I eventually lost track of what I was saying. So, there I sat in my seat with nothing left to say. It was silent, the room was full of people chatting, and laughing but our table was silent. It felt like our own little world, and I learned in that moment that I could be silent with him, and it wasn’t awkward like I had built it up to be. It was beautiful. That is when I knew he was the one that I wanted to spend my life with, and I am glad he felt the same way.

“Say nothing, sometimes it says the most” Emily Dickinson





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