Lincoln’s Birth Story

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“When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change” – Mary Morgan

I have to start in the beginning for this story, like most women. I just want you to understand better, ya know? So go ahead and grab a snack. Okay, when I found out I was pregnant, a million different emotions flooded my heart all at once. A part of me was terrified, but at the same time it was the one of happiest moments in my life. Well, like most women the first thing I wanted to do was see how far along I was. I rushed to the doctor’s office, filled out a TON of paper work, then I sat patiently waiting for them to call my name. I had my first ultra sound, and found out that I was around 9 weeks pregnant. No wonder I felt so bloated! (The next 5 months I would walk around everywhere with my hands on my stomach so people would know I was pregnant, and it wasn’t just the gains of a newly wed!) The next step to take was picking out a doctor, so the research began. I was very picky when choosing the person who was going to see my vagina pushing a baby out, and I wanted to be sure I had the best care possible. I began looking into midwives, it seemed to be a popular trend in Colorado. I had never known anyone to have a baby at home until I met my mother-in-law, she has 6 children and 4 of the six were delivered at home by my father-in-law! No, they’re not super religious or anti doctor, it just worked out that way. I started to talking to my mother-in-law about possible doing a home birth, she encouraged me to go for it. I came across an amazing midwife though one of my close friends, and decided that she was worthy enough to see my oh so glorious vagina, and help me to bring my child into this world. On a more serious note, I felt that having my baby in my home would be the most peaceful, relaxing way for me to go through childbirth.

Okay, Now that you have some background on my decision, I can continue on with the actual Birth Story. My due date rolls around, still no baby. Anyone who has been late can understand how frustrating that is. I was so over being pregnant, and I even had a wonderful pregnancy but I was DONE.  I wait, and wait and wait. I decided perhaps a little hike up a mountain would help speed things along, maybe some extra spicy food. NOPE- I ended up with a fiery bunghole, and sore body. This waiting game was so frustrating, but babies come when they come. Friday evening rolls around, and I begin having mild contractions. I called my midwife, and started the beautiful journey of labor. Saturday evening…still no baby. Contractions have increased, and I am throwing up from intense pain. I was dilated 3cm, and began to understand why women get epidurals. The contractions continue into the night. Its midnight, and I am now at 6cm. YAY! Progress. I began to enter a stage of rest. My midwife informs me to try to get some sleep. I was so frustrated with her! How could I sleep with contractions every 45 seconds. However the pain wasn’t nearly as intense as it was in the early labor. I crawled into bed-exhausted. I would actually fall asleep in-between each contraction. Finally, I think I’ve wet in the bed. I wake Zach up, (who is peacefully sleeping next to me-ugh!) I was panicked, “THE BABY IS COMING!” I screamed. The midwife came in, and as she came into the bedroom the sound of a water balloon being thrown against a brick wall came out of me! Oops! Now that was my water breaking! As soon as I stood up from my bed, I felt the intense pressure of the baby, I reached down and could feel his head! It was so exciting! The moment I have been waiting for was FINALLY here! I pushed one big push, and remember telling someone to pull him out! Another big push came, and I look down to see this perfectly formed, healthy baby in my own hands. The amount of Love I experienced in that moment can’t be described. It was ETHEREAL. I cried out Thanking Jesus for my beautiful son! Lincoln Zachary Boutch, born Palm Sunday, March 20, 2016 at 3:47am. He was 7 pounds 12 ounces, 20.5 inches long. I looked down at him, and understand why they call it the labor of love.

The pain of Birth is gone the moment you see the beautiful soul that you’ve carried and nurtured for so many months.






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