Breast Feeding

I am a fan of indiscreet breastfeeding; the more people see babies at the breast, the more normal it will become.

– Jack Newman


I have to say that breastfeeding is my favorite time of day. I love being able to relax in my rocking chair, and watch my beautiful baby receive all the nutrients he needs, as he gazes into my eyes, knowing that I am his mama. It is my special bonding time. A time that I can relax and nurture my child. I am glad that breastfeeding is becoming more popular in today’s society. It needs to be normalized, and accepted. I know that many mama’s struggle with breastfeeding, and I want to encourage you not to give up. I have many friends that I know that have been discouraged or have had issues breastfeeding, but if you keep pressing through, it is one of the most rewarding things you can experience as a mother to an infant child. I had the wonderful opportunity to have some breastfeeding photos done a few weeks ago. I hope you can help me share the message of normalizing breastfeeding!





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